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25 years on.... along the east coast of Australia


Time proven qualities

Timberhouse Company houses are designed by Witzig Schulz Architects & Planners incorporating:

Passive solar design which avoids or reduces the need to heat and cool the house.

Smaller houses being more energy efficient and sustainable.

Efficient Design 

Continuously refining building processes and materials together with an efficient building system ensures a cost effective building cost.

Spaces and functions

The blending of spaces outside and inside maximise spaces and functions.

Outside areas provide sheltered “indoor - outdoor” areas flowing from the living spaces.

Adjustable weather controls on verandahs maximising external use in variable weather conditions ensuring year round liveable verandahs.

Quality for the  quantity, proportion and presence making every millimetre count.

Energy Efficient

Providing natural light through high ceiling and gable glazing improves indoor environments, reduces energy consumption and  conserves natural resources.

Adjustable louvres throughout the houses ensure ultimate airflow management.

External thermal materials - Renewable timber products used in structural and cladding materials.

High rating insulation used throughout floors, walls and ceiling resulting in  pleasant year round internal living conditions.

High performance glass used throughout.

High performance lighting, appliances, taps and water using items.

High performance water using items throughout. Rainwater tanks and quality pumps.

Optional: Solar powered houses and hot water systems - High quality solar power systems with backup batteries ensuring most efficient use and back to grid tariff benefits.