Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally these are some of the questions that have been asked over the years, we welcome any other questions you have please Contact Us.

What is the process?

Below is a clear outline of process involved and the services we provide.

The Timberhouse Co works together with selected reputable builders along the East coast of Australia.

You can either contact and meet the builder in your area or the Timberhouse Co head office, they will take you through the entire process of working with the Timberhouse Co.

Over the years we have simplified the entire design, approval and building process. Everyone involved has extensive experience in the building industry.

The 2015 range of houses can provide a cost estimate for your area, the specific site and building costs in each area will vary. Alternatively you can have a custom designed THC house by Witzig Schulz Architects & Planners. Unique site requirements will be assessed before reaching the final building contract price, taking into consideration slope, accessibility and proximity to regional areas.

How do we site the house on the land?

The THC engages Witzig Schulz Architects & Planners who are available to visit your proposed site to give advice on all site aspects.

Witzig Schulz Architects & Planners

How energy efficient are these houses?

The THC houses have met and continue to meet a high level of energy efficiency through orientation, air flow, thermal mass, weather control management, inside outside flow of living areas. The evolution and understanding of energy efficiency over the last 25 years has seen the THC continously evolving to meet the highest affordable levels. 

Do we need to get a survey of our land?

Yes, this is the first plan you need before the siting assessment process can begin. Contours and vegetation may affect the building envelope and height. Bush fire hazard assessment may also determine some variations to building materials. Urban areas will have various council site restrictions which can only be assessed fully with a survey plan. The THC appointed builder can organise a survey plan for your site. This is a separate cost to the building contract and is paid for by the client direct to the surveyor.

Do we need a brief?

Yes, we can provide you with a checklist, please contact us. The THC can then ensure your needs are met with the most suitable house for your site and budget.

What other details of our land do we need?

The required information will depend on whether your site is urban, rural or environmental zoned land and the relevant council planning requirements. The THC appointed builder will be able to advise for each area. Some of the additional information can include: Soil geotech reports for on-site effluent disposal, bush fire report in a bush fire hazard area.

Who builds the Timberhouse Co houses?

The THC appoints reputable and experienced builders in selected areas. For details on the THC builder in your our area please Contact Us.

Can we meet the person who designed the house on our site?

Yes, Witzig Schulz Architects & Planners  are available to meet you on site and make variations to any of the plans at an hourly rate fee.

Who will deal with council approvals?

The THC appointed builder or THC head office will be dealing with council approvals. All plans are issued from the THC head office for Council or certification approvals.

How much will approvals cost?

Each  State and council area will have a different cost for approvals. This information can be obtained from the THC appointed builder in your area.

What other consultants will we need to engage?

The additional consultants required for a building approval throughout the country include: Engineer, Surveyor and outside NSW - Energy Rating Certifier. The THC appointed builder will manage these services. The THC appointed engineer throughout Australia is Dennis Partners & Associates.  Any other consultants depend on the location needs of your site.